Nutrition Coaching

While your best hour of the day might be the one in the gym, what you do with the remaining 23 hours is critical to helping you meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to build muscle, trim down or maintain your healthy fitness level, nutrition is key. Our nutrition coaches will help you build a plan, stick to your plan and encourage you to create healthy habits. Our nutrition programs will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to get you to your fitness results faster than training alone.

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Our nutrition coaching program offers

Expert guidance

We have trained professionals who will help you design and stick to a diet regimen for long-term success.

A supportive community

With access to a community of supportive individuals, you’ll have other health-minded people there to encourage you every step of the way.

Personalized plans

You'll get a personal nutrition plan crafted around your preferences, goals, and nutritional needs based on science.

Measured results

Your coach will be there to remind you that you are capable, as well as keep track of your progress with clear, measured results.

Nutrition packages

Nutrition Starter Packages

Starter nutrition plans give our coaches an opportunity to understand the client while developing a plan to address their specific goals.

- 4 Weeks to 3 Months
- Initial Consult
- Body Scan
- Goal Setting
- Nutrition Plan
- Weekly Virtual Meet
- Follow Up Meeting
- Graduate to Ongoing
- Nutrition

Monthly Ongoing Nutrition Packages

Following our Starter Package, this is the ongoing process is designed to keep clients on track, teach about longevity and how sustain this healthy pattern in their lives.

- Monthly Body Scan
- Goal Setting
- Update Nutrition Plan
- Coach Food Log Review
- Bi-Monthly Meeting
- Bi-Week Virtual Meet

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